Motorcycle Training Program

Safety Services New Brunswick (formerly the NB Safety Council Inc.) is pleased to deliver Canada's only Motorcycle Training Program - 'Gearing Up'' to riders requesting this training throughout New Brunswick.  This course is designed for the new or experienced rider.

The 20 hour program is delivered by a team of Canada Safety Council certified instructors. Courses are available at a number of established sites in the Province and is available in both official languages.

This course includes a 3 hour theory session and 17 hours of practical training using bikes supplied by the Council.

Topics covered in 'Gearing Up' course are:

  • Motorcycle Riders Responsibilities
  • Physical Requirements
  • Mental Requirements
  • The Best Defense is a Good Offence
  • Traction 101

To be successful candidates must pass a written test and a practical riding test.  A certificate will be presented upon sucessful completion

TOTAL COST    $515  (as a non-profit there is no tax charged for the course)

Click here for more information or to register.